10 Best Glass Nectar Collectors

Top 10 Nectar Collectors Made of Glass

A glass nectar straw is a cost-efficient way to get really high. So, don’t waste your money on a lemon when you’re trying to get the most out of your cannabis honey.

Here are 10 glass nectar collectors that don’t suck…well, in a bad way, at least.

What to expect:

  • Which glass nectar collectors are best to dab and travel
  • What tips are best for your dabbing needs
  • Which honey collector has the best filtration

1. Bougie Nectar Collector

10 Best Glass Nectar Collectors for Concentrates

Want a top of the line high? Go across the tip of the line of some BHO with the Bougie Nectar Collector.

This piece is sleek, chic, and highly functional. It has a quartz tip that is perfect for low temp dabs. You will get the most robust flavors with a quartz tip and the smoke will be less harsh on the lungs, allowing you to enjoy the experience even more.

With that said, quartz tips can be a double-edge sword. They cool down quicker, which can mean more torching during longer dab sessions. However, you’ll be able to put this straw in your pocket much sooner after use and go about your business.

If you love the taste of weed, give the Bougie a shot. This nectar collector comes with an eight-arm percolator. Your flavorful smoke will cascade through the arms, creating a light cloud that tastes like the terpenes of your bud.

We also love the mouthpiece on this straw. You can easily create a comfortable suction with your mouth that allows you to suck up all those tasty terps.

The only downside is that the wide mouth shape and thin bottom makes it challenging to look straight down. So, make sure to separate your shatter efficiently so you only use up what you intended.


  • 9 Inches Long
  • Quartz Tip
  • 8-Arm Tree Percolator
  • Hand Blown Glass


  • Does An Amazing Job Preserving Flavor
  • One of the Best Glass Nectar Straws for Low-Temp Dabs
  • Incredible Filtration That’s Easy on the Lungs


  • Can’t See Concentrate When Using Straw

2. Glass Nectar Collector Box Kit

10 Best Glass Nectar Collectors for Concentrates

Want something that blends in a little better with everything else in your kitchen? Check out the Glass Nectar Collector Box Kit. It looks just like a wine opener…but does so much more!

This versatile nectar collector comes with a glass and titanium tip. You can mix and match based on your preferences.

Use a titanium tip to heat up faster and combust some high-temp dabs. Otherwise, switch the mood up, sit back, and chill.

This nectar collector has a narrower mouthpiece. It’s perfect for those who like to make slow draws. However, you might have a little vapor leak out the side of your mouth if the smoke is up too quick!

We also love the packaging. This small box helps you pack up your dabber for a day trip so that it remains protected in transit.


  • High-Quality Glass
  • Interchangeable Titanium and Glass Nail
  • Narrow Mouthpiece
  • Bubble Chamber
  • Display Box


  • Interchangeable Tip Makes Switching Your Experience Seamless
  • Ergonomics Are Comfy to Handle
  • Small Percolator and Bubble Chamber Offer Satisfactory Filtration
  • Narrow Mouthpiece Is Great for Smoke Sippers


  • Small Mouthpieces Makes Your Prone to Waste Some Vape
  • Glass Tip Can Crack When Exposed to Heat Too Long

3. Exseed Electric Netcar Collector Glass Bulb

Electric nectar collectors10 Best Glass Nectar Collectors for Concentrates allow you to really personalize your smoking experience. Exceed your expectations with the Exseed Electric Nectar Collector Glass Bulb.

This mini-kit comes with a silicone jar that makes smoking on-the-go easier. If your battery dies, no sweat! The Exseed has a mini-USB charger that is compatible with any outlet adapter or USB port.

It has a ceramic coil tip which allows you to control your flavor profile. Ceramic heats up slowly, so you can start sucking at a low temp. Then, either amplify the intensity by keeping the tip close or pull up a bit to ride the vapor wave.

We also love that this piece comes with a replacement tip. It’s easy to lose those suckers when you’re hitting your honey straw while making moves, even if this comes with a gift box for smoother travels.

This smoking apparatus has a water filter. It’s not the strongest with very little percolators.

However, its bubble-shaped dome does add some movement among the smoke, which helps with the cooldown process. With its moderate-shaped mouthpiece, you should get some awesome rips from this travel buddy.


  • Honey Straw with Water Filter
  • USB Charger
  • Replaceable Ceramic Tip
  • Silicone Jar
  • Gift Box


  • Battery Lasts Quite A While, But Easy to Charge Anywhere
  • Silicone Jar Is Beyond Handy, Keeps BHO in Check!
  • Ceramic Coil Tip Replacement Is A Nice Gesture


  • Not the Best Filtration
  • Ceramic Tip Holds Heat Long, Might Need A Tip Cover
  • Tips Tend to Clog

4. Mini Honey Straw Nectar Collector Kit

10 Best Glass Nectar Collectors for Concentrates

Big things come in small packages. Such is the case with the Mini Honey Straw Nectar Collector Set.

This mini nectar collector is about the size of a syringe. It kind of looks like one, too. Aesthetics aside, this bad boy hits like a champ.

It comes with interchangeable quartz and titanium tips. You can easily swap straws to appease different types of dabbers in the room.

While tiny, this piece has a diffused water chamber. It’s perfect for small dabs, especially if you use the quartz tip. You will get an amazing burst of natural cannabis flavor.

This three piece kit also comes with a glass nectar dish. It has no top, though. So, make sure you either hit the whole dab or bring something else to store some extra honey.

Lastly, we are obsessed with the carrying case. The velvet interior clearly denotes where each attachment goes, and secures it snuggly for safe travels.


  • Mini Glass Nectar Collector
  • Interchangeable 10mm Quartz and Titanium Tips
  • Glass Nectar Dish
  • Diffused Water Chamber
  • Glass Dish
  • Travel Kit


  • Very Organized Kit Design, Feels Like a Premium Product
  • Lightweight, Easy to Use
  • Love the Quartz and Titanium Options


  • Dish Has No Cover, So Smoke Up!
  • Not A Lot of Diffusion for High Heat Hits

5. Pulsar Quartz Internal Twist Perc Nectar Collector

10 Best Glass Nectar Collectors for Concentrates

Get twisted with the Pulsar Quartz Internal Twist Perc Nectar Collector. This thing looks like an Ediason lightbulb and it’s bound to give you an idea or two.

We love the long tip on this piece. It’s very easy to see the BHO you’re combusting from your vantage point at the mouthpiece. You can seamlessly move about the dish or silicone jar to get all of your wax.

The double helix-shaped percolator allows for plenty of filtration in such a small space. It will quickly whip your hot vape into a silky cloud of flavorful vapor.

The quartz tip also aids in creating some of the coolest smoke out of these glass nectar collectors!



  • Double Helix Percolator and Quartz Tip Make Some of the Silkiest Vapor
  • Really Easy to See What You’re Lighting Up with Long Tip
  • Comfortable to Use


  • Double Helix and Skinny Chamber Make Cleaning A Big Tough
  • Be Careful with Thin Chamber, Don’t Bang It Too Much!

6. Glass Nectar Collector with Silicone Reclaim Catcher

10 Best Glass Nectar Collectors for Concentrates

You a budget-friendly smoker? Get more sustainable with your wax with the Glass Nectar Collector with Silicone Reclaim Catcher.

The reclaim catcher prevents build-ups of sticky wax from dirtying up your piece. Not only will this save you on cleaning time, but it will allow more smoke to reach your lungs. Otherwise, cannabinoids in your vapors can stick in wax residue, never making it to your mouth.

While this dab straw is a breeze to clean, it’s a little harsh on the throat. There is no percolator. The only filtration is the water you add.

Your hits will be hot because it comes equipped with a titanium nail. You also have a keck clip to keep the joint in place, so you can switch things up with other compatible tips.



  • The Easiest Glass Nectar Collector to Clean
  • Ideal for Really Quick Hits
  • Keck Clip Is Useful and Can Be Used on Other Smoking Accessories
  • Reclaim Catcher Prevents Gunky Build-Ups


  • Vapors Are Harshest on the Throat
  • Colors Are Random

7. DankGeek 10mm Clear Nectar Collector

10 Best Glass Nectar Collectors for Concentrates

Dabbing pros want an upgrade? Discover the DankGeek 10mm Clear Nectar Collector. This thing is small, sleek, and serious.

It has the perfectly round pen grip that can make sucking up tons of concentrate really simple. Plus, the diffused downstem and water chamber make clearing your dab dish a piece of cake.

We love the three bubbles above the quartz tip. They prevent the piece from rolling off the table. However, they also stop the hot tip from touching surfaces and possibly scorching your countertop.

Its small stature and tiny mouthpiece makes cleaning a bit challenging. Make sure you get in good with a Q-tip to get in the little vents within the diffused downstem!


  • 7 Inches
  • Diffused Downstem
  • 10mm Quartz Tip
  • Keck Clip


  • Bubbles Near Tip Prevent Breakage and Burning Of Tables
  • Really Great, Smooth Hits from Such A Small Chamber
  • One of the Best Nectar Collectors to Hold


  • Really Small Keck Clip, Won’t Work with All Other Smoking Accessories
  • Cleaning Can Be A Little Hard, But Not Most Challenging On This List

8. Glass Nectar Collector with Colored Tree Perc and Titanium Nail

10 Best Glass Nectar Collectors for Concentrates

In the market for the smallest glass nectar collector to produce the smoothest hits? Then you should stock up on the Glass Nectar Collector with Colored Tree Perc and Titanium Nail.

This glass dab straw was designed with minimalism and cool smoke in mind. It has a tree percolator that helps thrust freshly-combusted and filtered smoke up the chaber.

The hot particles disperse and blend back together to make wisps of tasty vape. You’ll be amazed at how quickly and efficiently this tiny honey straw can cool your wax down.

In addition, the mouthpiece has a small tube attached. This will allow you to slowly draw in the vapor at your leisure. The flared mouthpiece at the end also makes it easier to create a seal with your mouth to prevent any extra vapors from leaking out.



  • Smallest and Mightiest When It Comes to Filtration
  • Mouthpiece Is Optimized to Not Waste Product, Great to Sip with Amazing Mouth Contour
  • Comfy to Move About While Vaping
  • Flat Edge On One Side Prevents Rolling Catastrophes


  • Less Discreet Than Other Straws Due to Large Dome
  • While Small, Round Chamber Makes Pocket-Size Travels A No-Go

9. Recycler Nectar Collector by Bougie

10 Best Glass Nectar Collectors for Concentrates

Those searching for a premium glass honey straw might meet their match with the Recycler Nectar Collector by Bougie. This premium smoking accessory makes sure you don’t waste a single drop of vapor.

It has two chambers on both sides that guide unsmoked vapor back from the mouthpiece and down into the chamber. Since gravity is a thing, you’ll be inhaling your recycled vapes as you clear your rig. So, while you will pay more for this dab straw, you will get your money’s worth on your concentrates.

This piece is optimized to filter your smoke efficiently. The recycling feature naturally filters smoke because it forces smoke to continuously travel the chamber.

Meanwhile, your vapor also goes through a percolator and a bubble tube that leads to the mouthpiece. Your vape gets cooled down every step of the way, naturally revealing the distinct flavor profiles of your bud.


  • 10 Inches Long
  • Recycler
  • 14mm Quartz Tip
  • Percolator and Bubble Chamber At Mouthpiece


  • Guaranteed to Save Money on Wax
  • Produces the Coolest Vapors on This List for Happier Tastebuds
  • Really Easy to Handle, As You Can Grip Comfortably Where the Recycler Chambers Detach from Apparatus


  • The Most Expensive Glass Nectar Collector
  • Challenging to Clean Due to Shape

10. “WaxTip” Wax Collector with Titanium Tip

Many smokers want an upgrade from their cheap nectar collector but aren’t ready to commit to the price of the Recycler.

Go middle ground with the “WaxTip” Wax Collector with Titanium Tip. This honey collector has a premium value at an affordable price.

While there aren’t any percolators, it makes good use of its shape to create natural filtration. Your smoke will enter two bubbles and two tubed chambers.

It will contract and spread apart numerous times before dancing into your lips. The smoke will be cool enough to maintain the integrity of your bud’s flavor profiles.

Be careful with the tip. It doesn’t stay secure.

So, you can burn your lap with a hot titanium tip. Use your dab straw over a surface, preferably on a rolling tray to collect your tip.

Also check out: where to get the best dab tools.


  • Best Filtration At the Most Affordable Price for All
  • Lightweight, Easy to Maneuver Around


  • Tip Doesn’t Always Stay Secure
  • Glass Tends to Chip Over Time

Final Verdict

Honey collectors make sipping BHO that much sweeter. We think each of these glass dab straws can really up your smoking game.

It really comes down to what you’re looking for in a nectar collector. If you are still not sure, then opt for one that checks a lot of boxes but doesn’t break the bank.

You can find great value with the Glass Nectar Collector with Colored Tree Perc and Titanium Nail. It has decent filtration for its size and price.

Plus, tree percs make bubbles that are so much fun to watch. It’s all about the experience, and this experience will get you high and happy. Can’t ask for much more!

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