9 Best Kelowna Dispensaries – Delivery, Pickup + More!

1. Spiritleaf

The 9 Best Weed Dispensaries in Kelowna

Unparalleled Customer Service Serving Up Some of the Best Concentrates in Kelowna

Spiritleaf is one of the fastest-growing Canadian weed franchises, popping up in Edmonton, Ottawa, and Calgary, to name a few. Some of their newest spots are in Kelowna, British Columbia.

The 9 Best Weed Dispensaries in KelownaThis Kelowna dispensary has some of the best cannabis customer service in the city. They’ve even given $25 gift cards as an apology for poor past experiences.

Their team is very well-versed in the best products to meet your needs. The Spiritleaf catalog has tons of options for various types of smokers.

Make sure you check out their concentrate section. It’s among the most robust on this list!

While Spiritleaf does boast plenty of varieties of bud, their leaves do tend to be a bit dry, especially the options in their daily deals. So, make sure to get some Boveda packs while you’re there to help preserve the flavor of some of your discount flower.


  • A Growing Franchise with Knowledgeable Staff That Is Eager to Please
  • Great Daily Deals That Can Help You Save Moolah
  • Some of the Best Concentrate Selections, Even if They Aren’t the Cheapest
  • Price Matches with Other Dispensaries


  • Flower Can Get A Bit Dry
  • Prices Can Be Pretty High, So Do Some Shopping Elsewhere First and Implement Price Matching


2. Dutch Love

The 9 Best Weed Dispensaries in Kelowna

Where Loyalty Pays Off, Especially for Early Risers

The 9 Best Weed Dispensaries in KelownaIf you’re looking to pass a dutch, don’t pass by Dutch Love. This Canadian dispensary has some of the best deals on cannabis in British Columbia. Each dispensary has a three-hour Happy Hour when they first open on Monday through Wednesday!

Their deals are:

  • Rise & Grind Mondays: 15% Off Select Grinders & Flowers
  • Toonie Tuesdays: $2 Off Select Pre-Rolls
  • Wednesday Premium Roast: 10% Off Select Vapes

They also have a Breakfast Club. This email newsletter lets you know about daily deals and gives you access to exclusive events. It also gives you 20% off your next order when you sign up.

This dispensary is super cozy. It has a great waiting area and a wide open-floor plan. You feel like you’re at Apple, but for weed.

Dutch Love currently has a dispensary in the Springfield section of Kelowna. Another dispensary will be coming to the Pandosy neighborhood soon.


  • The Best Loyalty Program with Great Deals Monday Through Wednesday
  • Excellent Layout and Beautiful Waiting Area
  • Really Diverse Selection of Products


  • Some of the Most Expensive Edibles in Kelowna
  • Tend to be Out of Stock of Popular Items Often


3. Prime Cannabis

The 9 Best Weed Dispensaries in Kelowna

A Cultivator’s Dream, Stock Up on Seeds and Get a Drink to Go!

It seems like large cannabis retailers are overtaking the Kelowna area. Prime Cannabis offers that intimate, small-time retailer that many locals prefer.

The 9 Best Weed Dispensaries in KelownaWe love the simplicity of their online shop. It’s one of the simpler databases but doesn’t skimp on the functionality. You can easily filter by strain to help find products that best fit your needs.

Homegrowers, this is the cannabis shop for you. Many Kelowna dispensaries offer one type of seed in their store. Choose between a dozen popular strains and give your growhouse a little more variety.

Their edibles and pre-rolls are very middle-of-the-line prices. However, you can find some good deals here and there. So, make sure to poke around their shop.

With that said, don’t put all your hopes in on saving with their daily deals. Their options change daily and only showcase one or two specific items.

So, unless you hit the jackpot with what they’re offering on that particular day, be prepared to pay full price for your preferences.


  • Mom-and-Pop Feel That Larger Dispensaries Are Lacking
  • Simple and Functional Online Shop
  • Lots of Cannabis Beverages to Choose From, At Moderate Prices
  • A Grower’s Haven


  • Hard to Find From the Street
  • Not the Best Daily Sales By Any Stretch of the Imagination
  • Weight in Flower Reportedly Off Sometimes


4. Cannabission

The 9 Best Weed Dispensaries in Kelowna

A Pre-Roll Paradise with a Puppy on the Premises, Need We Say More?

Cannabission has one mission, to get you feelin’ good. They are proud to say they are a non-medical dispensary. So, if you’re trying to have a specific mind-altering experience, these people are your pros.

The 9 Best Weed Dispensaries in KelownaAre you a pre-roll know-it-all? This spot has over 50 prerolls that can help you capture a complete vibe.

Plus, they have the most extensive collection of bongs, pipes, and smoking accessories in Kelowna. They can help you find the right tool to help accentuate your high.

While flowers and smoking apparatuses are their forté, don’t show up for concentrates. They have suffered from shatter shortages from their suppliers.

We love the small business feel of this cannabis dispensary. They even employ their little dog, Barkley, as their “store muscle.”


  • Great Parking, Best in Kelowna
  • The Most Extensive Collection of Pre-Rolls
  • Awesome Selection of Smoking Apparatuses
  • Adorable Dog Protecting the Joint


  • Inconsistent Concentrate Stock
  • Very Limited Product to Look At Up Front


5. Cheeba Cheebas

The 9 Best Weed Dispensaries in Kelowna

A Crash Course on Cannabis With the Best Topicals in Town

Cheeba Cheebas is one of the oldest dispensaries in Kelowna, after they purchased both Mary Janes Headquarters locations in 2012. Their staff has been trained in cannabis health and recreational needs long before legalization in 2018. So, you will get some of the most trusted recommendations at Cheeba Cheebas.

The 9 Best Weed Dispensaries in KelownaWe also love how they try to educate the masses. Their website clearly defines cannabis laws in British Columbia and breaks down how much you can purchase per type of cannabis product. New and experienced smokers alike can benefit from this knowledge as it allows them to make educated decisions about their purchases.

Cheeba Cheebas has a wide variety of cannabis strains that cover all price levels. They have some extremely affordable grams, as well as absurdly-priced ones. So, make sure you double check the price in your cart before checking out for click & collect.

This dispensary has some of the largest selection of cannabis topicals in Kelowna. However, they aren’t the cheapest on the block. So, you might want to window shop around before committing.


  • Great Educational Resources for Cannabis Smokers
  • Wide Variety of Buds At Various Prices
  • Excellent Topicals Selections


  • Can Get Really Pricey, So Make Sure To Use Price Filters On Their Online Shop
  • Sales Aren’t the Best On This List


6. Flora Cannabis

The 9 Best Weed Dispensaries in Kelowna

A Personalized Experience At A Premium Price

Flora Cannabis is all about the experience, which we’re all about. They always ask what you want to experience when you reach their counter.

The 9 Best Weed Dispensaries in KelownaThat way, they can let you know which products will best meet your needs. We like that they cut to the chase and get you on your way to achieving what you desire.

Their team contains highly-trained certified budtenders. They are very well-versed in terpenes and matching strains to specific needs. You can feel very comfortable talking about your wellness goals with the staff, and will leave assured you have the right product.

Flora Cannabis carries premium marijuana. It is some of the most expensive cannabis in Kelowna.

However, the quality is top-notch. So, if you have the funds, we highly recommend you check them out.


  • Some of the Most Potent and Best Tasting Flowers
  • Extremely Friendly Staff That Asks All the Right Questions
  • Competitive Prices On Edibles with Some Good Sales Regularly
  • The Most Cannabis Dispensaries in Kelowna


  • Really Expensive Weed
  • Small Selection of Edibles


7. Skye Cannabis

The 9 Best Weed Dispensaries in Kelowna

Not the Best Online Experience, But Stop In to Shop And Browse Their Extensive Accessories

Get high as the sky, thanks to Skye Cannabis! They have an extensive line of products, specifically edibles. Their edibles’ prices are all over the place, so be sure to compare with other stores first.

The 9 Best Weed Dispensaries in KelownaThis dispensary is one of the least user-friendly. While the store itself is sufficient, that’s all there is to their site.

They have very little information about themselves or their workers. It’s a really cold experience for the user.

Instead, just stop in. They have a very friendly staff who is educated in cannabis and their products. Their team is more than capable to help you find the right products to meet your preferences.

Accessories at Skye Cannabis are among the cheapest in Kelowna. Their selection is very large, ranging from rolling trays to lighters to basket screens. So, stock up on your visit.


  • The Best Accessory Selections and Prices in Kelowna
  • Great Team Who Wants to Help You
  • Wide Range of Products Are Moderate Prices


  • The Worst Website, Very Uninviting and Elusive


8. Eggs Canna

The 9 Best Weed Dispensaries in Kelowna

A Dispensary Still Finding Its Legs, With Plenty of Room for Growth

Put all of your eggs in one basket at Eggs Canna. They have over 400 cannabis products to choose from!

The 9 Best Weed Dispensaries in KelownaEggs Canna has two locations in Kelowna, both slated to open in 2021. The first is on Hollywood Road and is ready for business. Kirschner Road location is coming soon.

As of right now, Eggs Canna doesn’t allow online cannabis shopping in Kelowna. It’s expected to begin in May 2021. So, you must go inside and enjoy the beautiful, new location.

While their spot is pretty, you’re going to pay for it. They have some of the most expensive cannabis items in Kelowna. So, look around before committing to any purchases.

With that said, Eggs Canna has all top-quality products. So, you will be pleased with what you get, even if you paid a little more.


  • Beautiful Dispensary, Still Looking to Find Its Way
  • High-Quality Products That Work


  • Online Shopping Not Available
  • The Most Expensive Cannabis Products in the Region


9. Greenery Cannabis Boutique

The 9 Best Weed Dispensaries in Kelowna

The Highest-Quality Smoking Accessories in Kelowna

No list of top cannabis dispensaries in Kelowna would be complete without mentioning Greenery Cannabis Boutique. This place doesn’t lie with the word “boutique.” You feel classy AF shopping here.

The 9 Best Weed Dispensaries in KelownaThose looking for high-quality glass products will love the Greenery. They have a wide collection of premium bongs, vaporizers, and pipes.

These products are high-quality, designed beautifully, and are built to last. While they won’t be cheap bongs, they will be your forever bongs.

Their online shop is sleek and easy to use. They also update their selections every week. So, it’s always exciting to login to your account and see what’s happening.

We also love the green initiatives of Greenery Cannabis Boutique. They have a recycling program where you can bring back opened cannabis packages. Greenery Cannabis Boutique works with TerraCycle to repurpose these materials.


  • The Greenest Dispensary in BC
  • Excellent Section of Top-of-the-Line Glass Products
  • New Products All the Time


  • Expensive Prices, Even if It’s Worth It
  • Online Store Crashes Time to Time


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