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Big Bongs

Big bong is a pipe used for smoking marijuana and other substances. See Bhang for the preparation of cannabis leaves and flowers. For other uses, see Bong (disambiguation). A bong (also known as a hookah) is a filtered device, often used for smoking marijuana, tobacco, or other herbs.In the bong shown in the photo, the smoke flows from the lower port on the left to the upper port on the right. 

In construction and function, bongs are similar to hookahs, only smaller and especially more portable. The bong can be constructed from any airtight and watertight container, just add a bowl and rod arrangement (or slider) which directs the air down below the water level and from there it bubbles up during use (“bubbler”). To get fresh air into the bong and collect the last remaining smoke, a so-called “carburetor”, “carb”, “choke”, “bink”, “punch”, “shot”, ” The “kick hole” hole, or simply the “hole”, is located somewhere in the lower part of the hookah and is first covered during smoking and then opened to allow the smoke to enter the respiratory system. On bongs without such a hole, remove the bowl and/or rod to allow air to escape through the hole that holds the rod. 

Big bongs and Tall bongs

When it comes to the world of bongs and glassware, size has many benefits. The most obvious is the increase in chamber size, allowing you to do really massive rips.

But the ability to draw more smoke into your lungs is only one of the benefits of owning a big bong. The increased surface area gives the smoke more room to spread and more time to cool down as it passes through the bong. All that extra space also gives you plenty of room to adorn your bong with fancy gadgets like percolators, ash catchers, and ice traps. 

If you want a big bong – and we mean a really big bong – there’s no easy way around such tall glassware. As a result, many of our best big bong are quite eye-catching. 

These intricate glass objects are as functional as they are beautiful. For serious junkies, your big bong could become the centerpiece of your living room!

Big bongs vs small bongs 

While big bongs are fun to use, they aren’t the most practical in all situations. Small bongs are better for travel, easier to pass around in a group, easier to store, and easier to clean. Due to the smaller main chamber, they also create smaller slits than their larger counterparts, and often have fewer interior features due to space constraints. Smokers are also better suited for those involved in dabs and blooms, as the bowl can be swapped for a sausage, although some marijuana lovers like to do the same with the Smoker. Overall, it’s nice to have a main everyday bong in addition to the big bong, so you can choose according to the situation and personal preference. 

Advantages of bong

1.Gigantic hits.Take your hits to the next level with big bongs. 

2.Durability. Most bongs are made of thicker glass so the bong will last longer. 

3.Accessories. Big Smoker gives you more accessories like ash catcher and unique bong bowl. 

4.Easier to clean. Most bongs are easier to clean than mini bongs, although they are much more difficult to clean with extra accessories. 

5.More percolation. Of course, the big bongs has more room to penetrate, allowing you to strike better and more smoothly.

What are ice bong 

Ice bongs are just what they sound like; they’re rigs that use ice and water to create a cooler, smoother shot. You may not realize that every time you light your lighter, you’re wielding a flame that’s nearly 2,000°C hot. This severe heat instantly burns the herb or hash in the bowl and creates a plume of scalding smoke.

While blunts, nipples, and pipes emit hot and often harsh smoke, this effect is somewhat counteracted by bongs that use room temperature or cold water. Ice bongs take things a step further by placing ice cubes in the flue. As the smoke rushes over the ice, the gas cools before entering the mouth, throat and lungs. 

Result:Cool and buttery-smooth stroke to reduce irritation, discomfort and coughing. 

Advantages of ice catcher bong

1.Smoother Hits.As the smoke moves around the ice, it cools rapidly. This causes the mouth, throat and lungs to feel better. Overall, the ice bong offers a smooth, enjoyable smoking experience. 

2.You Can Take Bigger Rips.Smoother smoke means bigger puffs (and less coughing). You’ll find that you can fill larger bowls and inhale bigger impacts without discomfort. If you want to get higher and faster, consider ice-packing your bong to help reduce cannabinoids and terpenes.

3.superior Taste.Many ice tobacco proponents choose this method for the taste. The cooler smoke helps each unique variety’s terpene profile shine through. Without the heat, the palate seems more receptive to floral, earthy, fruity, sweet and grassy terpenes. 

4.Prevents Splashes.We’ve all been there. Whether you push the bong too hard or tilt it at the wrong angle, bong liquid on the coffee table or rug can always interrupt an otherwise enjoyable smoking session. The ice doesn’t stop all spills, but a column of frozen water in the absorber tube prevents small splashes that would otherwise fly out of the mouthpiece. 

5.Looks Awesome.The ice catcher bong looks good. A glass-encased ice tower makes a stunning centerpiece during a smoking session. The sight will only become more impressive as the cannabinoids keep flowing.

6.Seasonal Appeal.While it might not sound appealing to smoke an ice-cold ice catcher in the middle of winter, the exact opposite is true in the heat of summer. Do you really want to smoke hot cigarettes in a heat wave? Or when it’s time to bake, you’d rather keep your hands on an icy glass tower? 

Disadvantages of ice catcher bong

1.Preparation.Ice Lances require more preparation than standard Ice Lances. Setting up a regular bong involves pouring some clean water into the chamber and then lighting it. In contrast, when using an ice bong, you need to make sure you have a tray of ice cubes ready. If you plan to use one on a regular basis, we recommend having another tray at the end of each smoking session.

2.Time Limit.How long do you like to smoke? If you and your friends often find yourself hitting bowls for hours at a time, you’re going to need more than one tray of ice cubes to get ready for action. The columns in the ice trap can only cool the hot smoke for so long before melting and flowing down into the chamber below.

3.Additional Cost.If any of your creations have a wide mouthpiece and chamber, there’s nothing stopping you from dropping ice directly into the rig you already have. However, if you want the full ice bong experience, you’ll need to buy a rig with notches to keep the ice up. How to Use an Ice Catcher Bong. 

11 inch bongs: 

Our bongs are around 11 inches in height.A 11 inch bong is something not many people have seen before!

12 inch bongs:

Our big bong start at around 12 inches“. While they’re not as big as the Empire State Building, they pack a punch and are great for social smoking.

14 inch bongs:

If you’re looking to take it to the next level, consider a 14 inches bong. We have many options including percolation bongs, honeycomb bongs, and more.

16 inch bongs: 

This is where the bong starts to get big. A 16 inch bong is something you don’t see every day. We have many, some even bigger!

18 inch bongs:

The 18 Inch Bong is what you would call a party favor. Get ready to impress your friends by having a big fight with one of these bad boys.


Who should i buy a big bong? 

Big Bongs, or giant bongs, are great for anyone who wants to get a huge bong in one go. The Smoker is perfect for those looking to impress their friends, and even clean up an entire bowl in one epic smoker rip! If you’re looking for a fun way to smoke, you can’t go wrong with the Smoking Bar!

What are the features of the big bongs?

Big bongs can have many different characteristics. Our smokers are often over 18 inches tall with almost a two foot tear! Some of our smokers also feature percolators, ice traps, built-in and removable downrods. Get the big bongs that fits your needs!

What are the best big bongs you have? 

We like to treat all our bongs and bongs equally, so the best bong is the one that fits your needs! If you like a big bong that’s easy to carry, check out the silicone retractable bong. If you like an easy-to-smok bong, check out the Quadruple Jelly Fish Perc.

Is your shipping discreet? 

Giant bongs are not discreet at all, but if you don’t want others to know about your new purchase, your secret is safe with us. After all, we don’t want your landlord or grandma freaking out at the sight of your giant collection of bongs. After an order is placed, our team of hard-working cannabis enthusiasts in Dallas, Texas pulls the items, carefully wraps them, and packages them in a plain box or mailer with no indication of what’s inside. That means no logos, weed leaf designs or references to 420 and smoking. Not even the postman knows what goodies are waiting to be used in that big box! We’ve even used the humble business name on shipping labels and your credit card statement so that even the most nosy Nancy’s won’t get suspicious that it’s in the mail before you get home from get off work 

Big Bong

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