Penis Tubes – The 6 Best Penis Shaped Tubes for Girthy Tokes

best dick-shaped pipes

We all like to be lit up and lay down. Merge these two worlds to create the ultimate smoking experience. Swipe left on these six penis tubes.

We will cover:

  • Which penis tube is the prettiest
  • Different materials used to make penis tubes
  • How To Find A Penis Tube That Fits Your Personal Preferences

1. “Penis Tube” Working Spoon

6 cock tubes for gag gifts and "personal" use

If you’re just looking for the tip, the Penis Tube Working Spoon will fit your needs. This bowl has one of the largest mouthpieces. You can comfortably grip it with your lips to create the ideal suction for optimal smoke inhalation.

The “Penis Tube” Working Spoon celebrates diversity. Its lifelike colors are hand mixed by artists. So you can sample all the boy parts and see which pipe you prefer to smoke.

This duct is accompanied by a complete set of veins. They wrap around the outside of the shaft and also provide support when the bowl is sitting. If you tilt the table, it’s more likely to rest on the vein and sit upright.

While the piece is really thick, its bowl isn’t the deepest. The fact that the basin is large means you have a lot of room to pick up weeds.

However, it’s fairly shallow and needs some refilling. So expect a few rounds with the “penis tube” working spoon.


  • 4.5 inches long
  • thick glass
  • Three hand-spun colored tubes
  • made in california


  • Love the art, hand coloring is a neat touch
  • excellent mouthpiece torch
  • Veins increase table stability


  • Use a shallow basin for such a large basin
  • Small holes in the mouthpiece make it harder to clean

2. Onyx Penis Tube

6 cock tubes for gag gifts and "personal" use

Rock your bed with the Onyx Penis Tube. Despite its diminutive stature, it knows what it’s doing.

The stone doesn’t affect any flavor and naturally helps cool down the hot smoke. This way, you can enjoy the delicious taste without burning your taste buds or causing a cough.

At only 2.5 inches, there is quite a bit of detail. Even the lips at the mouthpiece are parted like a real penis.

Handle with care. It’s a bit heavy.

While it won’t shatter like glass, it will fall to the ground extremely fast. As a result, repeated drops could, in time, rupture this novel pipe.

cough cough: If bongs are more your thing, check out these penis bongs here.


  • 2.5 inches long
  • Agate stone
  • four options


  • Unique material that does not affect flavor
  • Stones naturally cool smoke
  • Small size, easy to carry


  • Heavy, will break if dropped repeatedly
  • Due to its size, you have to repack frequently

3. Mr. Johnson’s glass penis tube

6 cock tubes for gag gifts and "personal" use

Turn your penis into a spectacle with the Mr. Johnson Penis Glass Tube. It’s a smoker and a shower!

Mr. Johnson has two options that are sure to dazzle you. You can get color changing clear tubes.

We love when the tips turn pink or gold. Meanwhile, the balls will stay blue unless you pick them up correctly!

Otherwise, you can opt for the glow-in-the-dark Mr. Johnson in black. After a night with Mr. Johnson, you may never turn on the lights again!

If proportions are all you care about, this piece is anatomically correct. In fact, they have updated their series to create more realistic tips, shafts and testicles.

When it comes to comfort, this is the best way to hold it. The contoured shaft fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.


  • 8 inches long
  • 6 oz weight
  • Multicolored Glass
  • Color-changing or glow-in-the-dark options


  • The color changing option is awesome and a lot of fun
  • Veins in the chamber force the smoke to filter
  • Perfect contour for a comfortable mouthpiece


  • Small bowl, may need to be packed often
  • small holes, difficult to clean

4. Empire Glassworks – Large Black Cock Hand Tube

6 cock tubes for gag gifts and "personal" use

Empire Glassworks – Large Black Dildo Grip Looks a lot like Glow in the Dark Mr. Johnson, but without the frills. However, it’s the same price!

We must say that this is the best penis tube when it comes to sturdiness. Its ball-to-tip ratio is the perfect distance for building a solid foundation. If the bowl is tipped, it won’t roll off the table due to its exterior texture.

Where the ball/bowl pouch meets the bowl is a good place to place your fingers. You can relax and unwind comfortably with this penis bowl.


  • 5 inches long
  • Glass
  • vein accent
  • made in America


  • One of the deepest bowls on this list
  • Very strong with good shaft support in terms of tip to ball ratio


  • very ordinary compared to others
  • what you get is more expensive

5. Stone penis hand tube

6 cock tubes for gag gifts and "personal" use

Sometimes we like to keep our penis love a little closer. We want to make a little joke with ourselves that others may not understand.

You might want to opt for a more humble stone pipe instead of a fancy penis like the Onyx Penis Pipe. Check out the stone phallus tube.

At first glance, the pawn looks like a pawn on a chessboard. Your friends who don’t want to smoke from Mr. Johnson will laugh when they realize they’re smoking a dick.

For a small tube it has a very deep bowl. You can get tons of herbs there and take hits throughout the day.


  • 5 inches long
  • polishing stone


  • more cautious than others
  • Easy to carry
  • The bowl is about the size of its
  • Large pores and small body make it one of the easiest to clean


  • Boys crazy smokers may not have enough penis mass
  • not the prettiest bowl

6. Empire Glass Rainbow Rod

6 cock tubes for gag gifts and "personal" use

Whether you’re gay, trans, or like the whole spectrum, the LGBTQ+ community has plenty of reasons to celebrate penises. Let your flag of pride fly with the Empire Glass Rainbow Rod.

This all-encompassing piece features the colors of the LGBT family in its design. Even bi, tri and gender colors are represented!

Of the penile canals, the bowl of this tube is the deepest. So grab a handful of herbs, wrap it up, and get pretty and relaxed!

Its raised texture accentuates the shaft and provides a comfortable grip. Roll around at your next pride parade without worrying about it falling off.

If the pipe does fall, there’s a good chance your penis will survive. It’s made of thick glass that keeps hitting back for more hits.



  • Very inclusive of the extended LGBTQ+ community
  • Really big bowl depth for long smoking sessions
  • Good grip with veins


  • Tendency to roll over if hit on table

final verdict

Finding the right penis is key to happiness for many of us. This is especially important when you want to swap out your favorite girly pipe.

Once you lock your lips into the correct tip, there’s no going back. You’re sure to fall in love with any of these pets at first sight.

However, we must say a few good words for Mr. Johnson Penis Glass Pipe. We are happiest with him.

The way he changes colors, especially when he encounters blue balls, just adds another layer to the overall experience. Whether the lights are on or not, friends will be laughing around Mr. Johnson!

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