Portable Bongs – Small & Travel Friendly!

The Best 6 Portable Bongs to Smoke On-the-Go

There are many reasons to travel with your bong. However, not all water pipes are practical, conspicuous, or lightweight enough for such occasions. We’re going to help you fight the right portable bong to meet your needs.

We’re going to cover:

  • The best portable bongs.
  • Which portable bong is ideal for specific situations. 
  • Pros and cons of each portable pipe.

1. Roll Uh Bowl Original Silicone Bong with Eject-a-Bowl

Traveling with glass water pipes can be a difficult (and expensive) endeavor. In-transit smokers need to worry no more with the Roll Uh Bowl Original Silicone Bong with Eject-a-Bowl

Top 6 Portable Bongs for Every OccasionThis bong is silicone, making it near indestructible. You can twist it, tug it, turn it, bop it. Make a whole game out of it!

Packing a bong for a day trip can be time-consuming and require a lot of care. You can be as gentle or rough as you’d like with these portable bongs.

Their flexibility allows you to shove them comfortably among clothes and snacks in a bag. However, you can also neatly fold this bong up into a square and place it into your pocket. 

These portable bongs are just amazing smoking accessories for kayaking and hiking. They’re also your best friend post-trip.

Cleaning these portable bongs is very simple. The bowl is spring-loaded, so it pops out with ease.

Best of all, this piece is dishwasher-safe. So, no need to scrub with an extra-long brush for hours on end!


  • 8 Inches Tall, Unfolded
  • 9mm Downstem
  • BPA-free Grade V1 Platinum-Cured Silicone
  • Alloy Bowl
  • Bendable
  • Foldable
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • Fits in Everything from Luggage to Your Pocket
  • Durable, Made of BPA-free Silicone
  • Easy to Clean
  • Ejectable Bowl is a Fun Feature
  • Choose Color to Match your Style


  • Ejectable Bowl Might Cause Weed Spillage
  • More Bare-Bones Than Other Portable Bongs

2. DankStop Fold-A-Bowl Silicone Bong

While Roll Uh Bowl is the original portable silicone bong, DankStop Fold-a-Bowl amps the experience up a step. 

Top 6 Portable Bongs for Every OccasionThe first you’ll notice is the rivets throughout the bong. They are especially useful if you’re hiking with bong in-hand, as they make for a comfortable grip. 

While the Fold-a-Bowl has fewer color options than other top portable bongs, they match the color of their spring-loaded alloy bowls to the piece. 

This bowl is not only ejectable for cleaning, but you can also flip it to turn the piece into a portable dab rig. It just needs a 14mm female joint. 

These portable bongs are also compatible with most nails if you already have a preferred smoking accessory. 

We also appreciate that this comes with a 45° joint. When you’re lighting up on a kayak, you want the bowl as far away from your face as possible as you’re clearing the pipe!


  • 8 Inches Tall, Unfolded
  • 1.5 Inch Width
  • 45° Female Joint
  • 100% Healthcare Silicone
  • 9mm Anodized Alloy Eject-A-Bowl
  • 9mm Composite Downstem
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Foldable
  • Odorless
  • Converts to Dab Rig


  • Has Hand Grips That Make Hiking and Smoking Comfortable
  • 45° Joint is Perfect for Lighting Up On Unsteady Grounds, Like the Open Seas
  • Easy to Clean with Ejectable Bowl and Dishwasher-safe Silicone
  • Metal Alloy Bowls Match Bong Color
  • Turns Into a Dab Rig


  • Might Need to Buy Dab Rig Accessories
  • Not Stretchy Like Roll Uh Bowl

3. GRAV Glass Mini Beaker

Silicone portable bongs aren’t for everybody. Some feel that the material might alter theGRAV Glass Mini Beaker flavor of the smoke. They’re going to need a durable and reliable glass bong.

The 6 Inch GRAV Glass Mini Beaker is made of thick borosilicate glass. Combined with its thick base, the probability of breaking this bong is rather slim.

At such a small height, you can pack this bong into your luggage or purse for any outing. It has a broad base, with multiple rings at the bottom. 

This feature allows for maximum air circulation that creates filtered puffs that are less harsh on the lungs.

Clearing out your bong quickly in public is simple with this piece. The Portable Glass Bong– 6 Inch includes a carb hole that allows you to draw in more smoke. 

One of the hardest parts about packing your bong for a day trip is securing all the little pieces. These portable bongs come with the bowl and downstem attached, so you have to keep track of less stuff during your high travels. 

This tiny piece packs a punch, literally. Since it’s so small, you might run the risk of lighting your nose hairs or eyelashes on fire. So, be careful as you spark up!


  • 6 Inches Tall
  • 3.2 oz. Weight
  • Made of Thick, Borosilicate Glass
  • Bowl/Downstem Combo


  • Durable, Sturdy, and Stocky
  • Has Lots of Filtration for a Small Piece
  • Bowl is Attached to Downstem


  • Might Light Nose Hairs on Fire
  • Bowl/downstem is a Tight Fit

4. Foldable Travel Silicone Bong

Want to take some massive bong hits on-the-go? Then the Foldable Travel Silicone Bong might be the portable bong for you.

Top 6 Portable Bongs for Every Occasion
The Foldable Travel Silicone Bong has a contoured mouthpiece that creates a comfortable suction around your lips. This water pipe prevents smoke from escaping your piece so that you can clear your bong every time!

Just like the top, the bottom of these portable bongs is also flared. The little curvature at the end makes for extra filtration that most straight neck bongs miss out on. 

Smoke whips around the bottom of the base, allowing it additional time to cool down before hitting your lips. This small feature will go a long way in protecting your lungs, so you can keep the smoke sesh going strong!

Also, the flared bottom makes this portable bong the perfect travel ice bong. Throw a few cubes at the bottom to force the smoke around the base and through the ice. The ice cools down your lungs and preserves the earthy flavors of your bud.

Lastly, these portable bongs come with an elastic band. This small accessory helps prevent your portable bong from popping open like a can of worms inside of your bag during travels.


  • 14 Inches Tall
  • Foldable
  • Comes with Rubber Band
  • Metal Bowl
  • Removable Metal Downstem


  • Flared Mouthpiece and Base Add Filtration 
  • Elastic Band Helps Keep Bong Organized
  • Perfect for an Ice Bong
  • Includes 14.5mm Glass Bowl
  • Available in Multiple Colors

5. “Simply Guy” 9″ Straight Water Pipe with Ice Pinch

Who doesn’t love pulling out an ice bong at a party? Unfortunately, passing around a huge bong can be dangerous for your collection. That’s why you need the Glass Straight Mini Ice Bong.

Top 6 Portable Bongs for Every Occasion
While the Foldable Travel Silicone Bong is the best silicone ice bong, this the best one made of glass. It contains many features that assure the ultimate ice bong session.

There are ice notches about halfway up the piece. This placement gives already filtered-smoke a burst of coolness. In turn, you’re less likely to be that person coughing inside the bong circle.

The downstem and bowl are attached, which means there’s less to keep track of. That can be a blessing after a long day of road tripping and toking. 

Plus, the attachment has a stopper that prevents the piece from rolling off the table and breaking!

Speaking of, these portable bongs have a solid foot that flares at the bottom. This trait is clutch for someone prone to knocking over their portable bongs while reaching for their grinder.

The Glass Straight Mini Ice Bong is one of the smallest, just shy of 9 inches. However, it’s a long, straight neck tube. Its size and narrower tubing means these portable bongs will need more care than the Portable Glass Bong– 4 Inch.


  • 9 Inches Tall
  • 14.5mm Ground Joint
  • Carb Hole
  • Sturdy Bottom
  • 3 Ice Notches


  • Smallest Bong
  • Perfect for Ice Bong Sessions
  • Ice Notches Are Halfway Up Bong for Cool Smoke
  • Comes with Carb Hole 
  • Sturdy Bottom Prevents Knockovers


  • Long, Straight Tube is More Prone to Breaking
  • Downstem is Very Thin
  • Comes with Logos That You Can’t Choose

6. Waxmaid Collapsible Bong – The Springer

If you’re looking for the perfect portable bong for camping, then Waxmaid Collapsible Bong – The Springer is the one for you. These portable bongs were crafted with durability in mind.

Top 6 Portable Bongs for Every OccasionUnlike many other silicone portable bongs, this pipe is made with one piece of silicone. There is no stitching, gluing, or melding together. There are no seams to give way over time.

Many of the bongs of this list require folding that might wear away at the material. This pipe is created to collapse onto itself. 

Due to its design, you won’t force a piece into a position that might wear away at its longevity. Following the same pattern you last packed your portable bong will ensure that sensitive areas don’t get compromised.

This is one of the biggest portable bongs at 12 inches. However, it can collapse down to seven.

While seven inches is smaller than most portable bongs, there’s less room for flexibility that you might enjoy with the Roll Uh Bowl. 

You can shove the Roll Uh Bowl just about anywhere, and it will take the shape of its container. This pipe might require more thought in the packing process. 

Best of all, these portable bongs come with a suction cup on the base. Therefore, you can secure the bong to your RV dashboard, canoe seat, or picnic table for safekeeping. 


  • 12 Inches Tall, Unfolded
  • 7 Inches, Collapsed
  • Silicone Downstem
  • 14mm Glass Bowl
  • Suction Cup Bottom


  • Suction Cup Bottom Prevents Breaks
  • Glass Bowl Might Be Cleaner Than Alloy Metals
  • Made of One Piece of Silicone for Longevity


  • Glass Bowl Is Only Breakable Piece
  • Might Take Up More Room 

Frequently asked questions

What is a Mini Bong?

A mini bong is a smaller version of a traditional bong, typically used for smoking tobacco or other legal substances. Bongs work by filtering smoke through water to cool and purify it before inhalation. Mini bongs are compact, portable and offer a convenient way to enjoy a smooth and filtered smoke session.

These bongs are made from a variety of materials such as glass, acrylic, silicone and come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Mini bongs typically have a bowl, downstem, and a base filled with water to hold the bong upright. Some mini bongs also feature percolators, which help to further filter and cool the smoke.

Mini bongs are often preferred by smokers who want a more discreet and portable smoking experience. They are also a great option for those new to smoking who may not want to invest in a larger and more expensive bong.

However, it’s important to note that while mini bongs may be smaller in size, they still have the potential to deliver a potent hit, and users should be cautious when smoking to avoid over-consumption. Additionally, it’s important to clean your mini bong regularly to ensure a clean and smooth smoke experience.

What is a tiny bong called?

A tiny bong, also known as a mini bong or pocket bong, is a small and compact bong that is designed to be portable and discreet. Tiny bongs typically range in size from 4-8 inches and are made from a variety of materials including glass, silicone, and acrylic.

Tiny bongs work by filtering smoke through water to cool and purify it before inhalation. They typically have a bowl, downstem, and a base filled with water to hold the bong upright. Some tiny bongs may also feature percolators, which help to further filter and cool the smoke.

These bongs are popular among smokers who want a more discreet and portable smoking experience, as well as for those who are new to smoking and do not want to invest in a larger bong. However, it’s important to note that while tiny bongs may be smaller in size, they still have the potential to deliver a potent hit, and users should be cautious when smoking to avoid over-consumption.

In addition, it’s important to clean your tiny bong regularly to ensure a clean and smooth smoke experience. Tiny come in a variety of styles and designs, so it’s easy to find one that fits your personal preferences and needs.

Are mini bongs any good?

The quality of mini bongs can vary, as with any smoking device. Some mini bongs are well made and provide a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience, while others may not be as well constructed and may result in a less satisfying experience.

One of the advantages of mini bongs is their size, which makes them easy to transport and discreet to use. They are also often more affordable than larger bongs, making them a good option for those who are new to smoking or those who are on a budget.

In terms of functionality, mini bongs work similarly to larger bongs by filtering smoke through water to cool and purify it before inhalation. Some mini bongs may also feature percolators to further filter and cool the smoke, which can enhance the smoking experience.

It’s important to consider the quality of materials when choosing a mini bong. Glass is a popular material for mini bongs as it offers a clear view of the smoke and is easy to clean. Silicone and acrylic are also popular materials for mini bongs as they are durable and often more affordable than glass.

Overall, whether a mini bong is “good” or not largely depends on the individual’s personal preferences and needs. It’s important to do research and read reviews before purchasing a mini bong to ensure that you are getting a quality product.

Do big or small bongs get you higher?

The size of a bong alone does not determine the potency of a hit or the level of intoxication that results from using it. Factors such as the amount of substance used, the quality of the substance, and the user’s tolerance levels all play a role in determining the level of intoxication.

Bongs work by filtering smoke through water to cool and purify it before inhalation. Both large and small bongs can provide a filtered and cool smoke, but the size of the bong does not necessarily impact the potency of the hit.

The shape and design of a bong, including the size and number of percolators, can impact the potency of a hit by affecting the filtering and cooling process. For example, a bong with multiple percolators may provide a smoother and cooler smoke, leading to a less intense hit, while a bong with fewer percolators may provide a more potent hit.

In general, the size of a bong is not a significant factor in determining the potency of a hit. It’s important to keep in mind that the potency of a hit depends on many factors, including the amount of substance used and the user’s tolerance levels.

Do mini bongs need water?

Yes, mini bongs typically need water to function. The purpose of the water in a bong is to cool and filter the smoke before it is inhaled. As you inhale through the mouthpiece, the smoke travels through the water and the water’s surface area helps to filter out impurities and ash, resulting in a smoother, cooler hit. The water also helps to trap any unwanted particulate matter, like ash, which would otherwise be inhaled.

The volume of water required in a mini bong varies, but it should be enough to submerge the downstem (the piece that connects the bowl to the base of the bong) and create a water seal. Too little water will result in a harsh, hot hit, while too much water can make it difficult to clear the bong. When using a mini bong, it’s important to regularly change the water to keep it clean and fresh. In conclusion, water is a crucial component of a mini bong and helps to enhance the smoking experience by filtering and cooling the smoke.


Taking your smoke session to the streets has never been easier. You can travel with a bong without worrying about breaking it or compromising the flavor of some yummy loud.

There’s a portable bong for everyone. However, your best bet is the Foldable Travel Silicone Bong.

It’s the easiest to pack, goes great with ice bongs, and creates a nice suction around the mouth. With its durability, versatility, and ease of use, you can’t go wrong with these portable bongs!

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