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There is plenty more excellent quality science-themed hardware for sale online. Although, if you want to find the absolute best ones, the rest of this piece has got you covered.

In it, we’ll discuss the following:

  • Websites that have the best selection of scientific glass.
  • The best glassware each site has to offer.
  • A short description of the types of equipment site has in their arsenal.

1. Badass Glass

Badass GlassScientific Glass: Where's the Best Place to Get It? has always been at the top of its game in terms of offering us quality hardware. In fact, they’ve also got one of the most diverse collections. They offer all the possible varieties of science-themed toke gear although if you’re looking for colorful science-themed bongs, this isn’t the website for you.

They’ve even got a triple-chambered bong that’s sure to give you the smoothest of hits. But, we’re not here for the outliers. We’re here for their flagship bestsellers.

That crown goes to the Beaker Bong with 8-arm Percolator by Diamond Glass. This one’s got all the bases covered. It’s got an ice catcher, an 8-arm perc, and a high-capacity LoPro Downstem. All this ensures that you’ll get a quality hit no matter what you load up in there.

The best part about it is that this type of bong is made up of an extra-thick borosilicate glass that’s about 5mm thick all around. So, even if you accidentally drop it you won’t be picking it up in pieces even if you just had the sickest hit you’ve had in your life.


Type Percolator
Height 14-Inches
Features Extra thick glass, Ice-catcher, Percolator


  • No-frills fully-featured rig
  • Large chamber, perc, and ice-catcher combo ensures that you have the smoothest hit
  • The thick borosilicate glass makes it impervious to the occasional drops


  • Can be out of reach for most beginners because of the price
  • Not a lot of options if you’re into color coordinating your gear

2. Aqua Lab Technologies

Scientific Glass: Where's the Best Place to Get It?It would be easy to mistake Aqua Lab Technologies for a chem equipment store. It’s probably got one of the most mature sounding names in this list.

But don’t let the uptight name fool you. They have some of the quirkiest selections out there. They have the most assortment of gear from simple colors to full-on branding.

Another beautiful thing about Aqua Lab Technologies is that you can also customize your order. Did you see a down stem on a rig that you didn’t really like? You can try to request that to be replaced with the down stem on the rig that actually liked.

Their bestselling Antidote Glass – Vial Beaker Rig has got to be one of the most subdued selections they have. It’s a simple beaker rig with a bent-neck mouthpiece.


Type Bong
Height 9-Inches
Features 4-Hole downstem perc


  • With Aqua Lab Technologies, you can easily mix and match downstems with your bongs or percolators making it a truly personalized rig
  • The simplicity of the Antidote Glass – Vial Beaker Rig is a big factor in it becoming a go-to everyday rig
  • The special 4-hole downstem perc is an excellent touch that you can even use on other dab rigs you might have lying around
  • There is some real value here because it’s not so expensive but still feels high quality


  • Might be too simplistic the discerning smoker
  • It looks a bit boring for some people

3. Dankstop

DankstopScientific Glass: Where's the Best Place to Get It?, like Badass Glass, is another perennial chart topper when it comes to online headshops. It’s got clean aesthetics that kind of remind me of a hospital. The green and white color theme fuels that observation even more.

As for their selection, you’ll immediately notice the huge price gap between the Aqua Lab Technologies and the Dankstop stock. Whether this is an indicator of Aqua Lab’s superior quality is yet to be determined. What’s for sure though, is that Dankstop’s gear is as clean as its aesthetics.

The glassware is pristine. You won’t see a lot of colored or even branded items here. This lack of branding could possibly explain why they can sell their gear for such a noticeably low price on average.

And when it comes to Dankstop’s flagship scientific bongs, there’s nothing that comes close to the Grav Lab’s Hammer Style Clear Mini Bubbler. It’s got an X Diffused downstem that really makes a difference in the smoothness of each hit. When combined with the deep bowl, then you’re sure that there’s nothing mini about the toke you’re going to get when using this bubbler.


Type Bubbler
Height  6-Inches
Features Extra deep bowl, X Diffused downstem


  • It’s a small bubbler that won’t take up much space on your desk or coffee table
  • Strong borosilicate construction helps in making it a durable everyday bubbler
  • The price tag isn’t prohibitive so you can buy multiple units of this without batting an eyelash


  • Since it’s so small, you might forget it on your couch and sit on it if you’re not careful

4. NVS Glassworks

Scientific Glass: Where's the Best Place to Get It?Portland, Oregon is home to NVS Glassworks which proudly includes their home city in their homepage. It’s always a good sign when you wear your city on your sleeve like this.

From opening the page, you can see that NVS Glassworks doesn’t play around with their scientific glassware. They’re proud artisans, not some profit-hungry conglomerate hellbent on cornering the market.

That’s pretty obvious with the way they put the glasswork front and center in their gallery. You won’t find any loud decals or designs here. Instead, you’ll be greeted by designs that’ll impress even the most ardent minimalists.

As such, their flagship scientific-themed gear is the Leisure Clear Incycler. It’s a small incycler dab rig that would not look out of place in even the most sophisticated chem labs in the world.


Type Dab Rig
Height 7.5-Inches
Features Incycler design


  • Incyclers just have this really cool aesthetic that some people just love
  • Full-bodied flavor is a certainty because your vapor has no time to sit


  • Price might be out of reach for a lot of us especially considering that this is a small piece

5. Brothers with Glass

Scientific Glass: Where's the Best Place to Get It?If you’re looking for some individuality and originality, then Brothers with Glass is the headshop you probably already have on bookmarked. It’s got a some of the most inspired designs in the game.

They even have a Storm Trooper water pipe that Star Wars fanatics would probably already have in their shopping carts within the first 2 seconds of browsing. That’s just one of the many different designs that they have on offer.

As such they only have a limited number of designs and you’ll be able to scroll through all of them within a couple of minutes.

One of their bestsellers is the absolutely beautifully made Glowfly Glass 15 In Round Bottom To Tree Bong. It resembles one of those funky trees from the movie Avatar.


Type Bong
Height 15-Inches
Features Twin downstem and chamber percs, Ice-catcher


  • Huge bong that really makes sure that you get that full-bodied flavor every time you take a hit on this thing
  • The downstem and chamber percs work together to ensure that you don’t get burned even if you take huge hit
  • Great price for what it offers


  • With such low-price, there isn’t much you can nitpick about this large bong

6. Smoke Cartel

Scientific Glass: Where's the Best Place to Get It?

There’s little left to be said about Smoke Cartel’s online headshop. It’s one of the most famous in the business and therefore, one of the best refined in terms of website design and functionality.

As for their scientific glass inventory, you’ll probably find whatever it is that you’re looking for in their massive stock list. From minimalist bongs and incyclers to some pretty cute and girly water pipes, they’ve got everything. They’ve got a huge range of prices too starting from dirt cheap to insanely expensive.

One of the most outstanding products they have on offer is the Grav Labs Sherlock Pipe. It’s a straightforward handpipe that seems to have hit the jackpot in terms of dimensions for a massive number of people.


Type Handpipe
Length 6-Inches
Features None


  • The design is so simple that anybody can use it
  • It’s so inexpensive that anybody can buy it
  • There’s a bunch of different to choose from. Collect them all if that pleases you.


  • For an overwhelming number of people who’ve already purchased this, the pipe is the epitome of perfection

Final Verdict

When it comes to customer satisfaction you can’t go wrong with over 500 perfect scores from reviewers. For this reason, Smoke Cartel’s Grav Labs Sherlock Pipe takes home the bacon.

As for the best website to look for your scientific glass bong, dab rig, or bubbler, there’s no beating the absolutely massive selection of Smoke Cartel.

The designs and price range are seemingly endless.

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