The 10 Best Weed Dispensaries in Vancouver

While cannabis became legal in Canada in 2018, parts of the country were slow to come around. British Columbia was one of the first provinces to decriminalize marijuana laws and welcome the sales of recreational weed.

In fact, Vancouver police looked the other way when citizens would smoke (not sell) marijuana openly in the New Amsterdam Coffee Shop back in 2004!

Since 2004, British Columbia has come even further in providing a safe space for recreational and medicinal users to get the cannabis they need. Vancouver is at the forefront of these advancements, boasting some of the best weed dispensaries in Canada.

Looking for a Vancouver weed dispensary near you? Stop by one of these spots!

1. The Medical Cannabis Dispensary


Feel Good While Doing Some Good for the Vancouver Community

Marijuana has positively impacted the lives of millions. That’s why The Medical Cannabis Dispensary (TMCD) tries to pay it forward to fellow Canadians.


Since 2008, TMCD has operated as a non-profit organization that introduces high-quality medical cannabis products to patients in need. They also partner and contribute to the Chrysalis Society, Dr. Peter Centre, Sensible BC, and the Positive Living Society.

TMCD has an Education Centre that educates their members about the safe use of cannabis. They also have a Get Your Drugs Tested consultation program where you can actively test substances for drug content by appointment.

This Vancouver dispensary has a variety of products, so it’s an easy one-stop shop for a cannabis connoisseur or someone who just needs an eighth. The prices are a little more than other dispensaries in British Columbia. However, you know the money goes to good causes.

TMCD used to have impeccable customer service. However, their friendliness has seemed to have dropped off since the pandemic.

So, if you need one-on-one service, you might want to consider another spot. If you know what you want and want to support other charities, then this is the place for you!


  • Centrally Located, Easy to Access
  • Second Store With Limited Inventory At 1182 Thurlow Street
  • Education Centre and Get Your Drugs Tested Program
  • Gives Back to Charities
  • Wide Selection of THC and CBD Goods


  • Pricier Than Other Dispensaries in the Vancouver Area
  • Staff Has Gained A Reputation Since 2019


  • 880 East Hastings Street
  • 1182 Thurlow Street

2. City Cannabis


The Jetsons-esque Dispensary You Never Knew You Needed!

The future of cannabis is here, and it’s City Cannabis. This dispensary has really interactive features that really transforms the cannabis customer experience.


This joint comes with a Pre-Roll Station. When you order, the bud you chose gets filled into a pre-roll. It’s then delivered through a pressurized shoot to the register!

Buying buds is just as fun. Each canister at the checkout has a microscope on top.

That way, bud connoisseurs can examine terpenes. Novices can just lavish at the pretty colors.

This dispensary also carries a great line of carefully curated topicals, edibles, and vapes. You can easily filter between types of cannabis products, sizes, and even flavors.

As futuristic and ideal as this all sounds, their shop is rather dated. Some of the thumbnails are different sizes, which also makes seamless browsing a bit challenging.

Of the dispensaries, this is one of the more expensive. However, they’re always running weekly City Deals that run across their four stores. So, be sure to check out the options and stock up!


  • Really Fun Experience in the Store
  • Bud-to-Preroll Ensures A Fresh Product
  • Bud Canisters Have Microscopes to Help Make Educated Decisions


  • Shop Website Is Dated
  • One of the More Expensive Dispensaries
  • Quantity In Pre-Rolls Don’t Always Appear Uniform


3. Village Bloomery


The Mommiest and Papaest Dispensary in BC!

Accessories can be a smoker’s best friend. Whether you need a rolling tray, a vaporizer machine, or cookbooks, Village Bloomery has it all.


Their selection of accessories run the gamut of prices. They have high-end prices for frequent cannabis users who like to indulge. However, they have moderately priced items for budget-conscious smokers or experimental novices.

Located at the Waterfall Building, this Vancouver dispensary is one of the friendliest in the city. Their staff is highly-knowledgeable about cannabis and health. They also run weekly deals on products to help make higher-end items more accessible for the community.

They have an extensive collection of flower that is available in a variety of sizes. So, if you like to stock up on multiple strains, Village Bloomery is a great place to stop. Those who like to grow at home will also find a decent seed collection available.


  • More of a Home-Feel Than Other Dispensaries
  • Great Selection for Budget-Conscious and Splurgers
  • Amazing Selection of Accessories


  • Shortest Hours for Cannabis Dispensaries in Vancouver


4. Karuna Health Foundation


Some of the Most Unique Cannabis Products in Vancouver

Karuna Health Foundation offers a carefully curated selection of cannabis products. They have a wide variety when it comes to types of cannabis products, with a few selections in each quality.


You know you are getting high-quality because of the catalog’s exclusivity. They also have nuanced products, such as a THC vaginal suppository or red velvet truffles.

If you’re into hashes and concentrations, this is your Mecca. Karuna Health Foundation has the most in-depth collection of these cannabis options in Vancouver.

We also love that they weigh the weed out in front of you at the counter. You no longer need to buy with faith or double-check the weight when you get home.

Be sure you stock up on what you need. This popular place is prone to running low on favorites.


  • Unique Offerings from A Carefully Curated Selection
  • Awesome Concentration and Hash Catalog
  • Weighs Weed Out In Front of You


  • Known to Run Out Of Some Products
  • Pricey Vape Cartridges


5. Evergreen Cannabis Store


First In High…And Open All Night!

Ever want to treat your dispensary trip like a buffet, sampling a bit of everything? You can have your weed and smoke it, too, at Evergreen Cannabis Store (ECS).


They have over 50 lab-tested strains available at all times! However, don’t expect to purchase a lot of your favorite strain in weight. They have a limited selection in sizes that differ per strain.

For those who want more than flower, they also have a decent line of edibles and concentrates. Plus, ECS carries top-of-the-line smoking apparatuses, including a large line of vaporizers.

This Kitsilano location offers friendly service with a neighborhood vibe. Their employees have over 20 years of experience in cannabis. So, they are fully equipped to offer helpful service with a warm smile.

ECS was the first store that Vancouver granted a recreational marijuana license! They also have the longest hours of operation for dispensaries in Vancouver.


  • Highly Knowledgeable Staff with A Rich History In Cannabis Support
  • Great Selection of Edibles, Oils, and Concentrates
  • Good Prices on Edibles
  • 9:00AM to 11:00 PM Most Days


  • Limits On Strains
  • Not the Cheapest for Flower


6. Muse Cannabis


The Most Strains Under One Roof!

Muse Cannabis is a family-owned venture that has a nice blend of a high-end boutique feel that still has an intimate community vibe. This fast-growing dispensary already has three shops in Vancouver, with two on the way.


The reason for their success is their exceptional customer service. They are very welcoming, well-versed in CBD and THC, and provide top-quality products.

The South Granville location was their first. It has the largest variety of cannabis products compared to its sister dispensaries.

This dispensary shatters the impressive 50+ strains that ECS offers. Muse Cannabis has upwards of 70 strains available on a given day!

Their prices are moderate. Depending on the strain, Muse Cannabis might offer the most competitive price in town.

Also, they get a lot of love for their cart inventory. This BC dispensary has the largest catalog for click and collect.


  • Most Vape and Bud Options In Vancouver
  • Great Customer Service
  • Competitive Prices On Some Strains


  • Seed and Topical Selections Are Advertised But Severely Lacking
  • Pre-Rolls Can Be A Bit Skimpy


7. Eggs Canna


Where Science and Transparency Meet to Make High-Quality Bud

Eggs Canna is the new kid on the block in Vancouver cannabis, and they’re trying to make up for lost time. This growing venture has three dispensaries in Vancouver, with two more coming in 2021.


Their growth is not shocking. They offer a high-end, chic experience that will make any cannabis user feel like they’re indulging. Customers are even dubbed “Cannaseurs.”

While Eggs Canna shops are just starting to pop up, their workers have been grinding for 20 years. They’ve mastered the art of cultivating strains to yield specific results.

We also love how they operate with transparency. As you shop, all scientific claims and reasons for a specific strain are included next to the item. That way, you can cross-reference the materials to make a more educated decision.


  • Science and Studies Shared Next to Products for Educated Purchases
  • Tailored Strains That Offer Maximum Support to Cannabis Patients
  • Friendly and Highly-Educated Staff
  • Some of the Best Prices for Flower


  • Excessive Packaging on Products
  • Only Sells Grams
  • Small Pre-Rolls


8. UEM Cannabis


The Best Cannabis Seed Dispensary in Vancouver

UEM Cannabis is a family-owned business that was established in 2012. They have a very large selection of cannabis products and smoking accessories.


This dispensary has one of the largest selections of edibles in Vancouver. However, the page is very disorganized. Good luck shuffling between sodas, gummies, and softgels.

If you grow your own marijuana from seed, UEM has the best seed bank. They have the widest variety, offering sativa-dominant, indica-dominant, and hybrids. Other dispensaries have one or two offerings, if any.

This dispensary also has more topical options than others. However, their prices on identical prices are a bit higher.

So, if you’re purchasing other items and appreciate the convenience, consider getting your topicals here. If you are strictly in the market for topicals, consider shopping elsewhere.


  • Excellent Selection for Seeds
  • Most Options for Topicals
  • Moderately Priced Flower


  • Hard-to-Shop Website
  • More Expensive Than Competitors On Certain Products


9. KushKlub



KushKlub feels like an exclusive club to belong to. While they operate from 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM most days, you have to go there to place your order.

They don’t have an online catalog. You can also call them to place the order, if you so choose. However, it’s 2021. Who calls people?

Their catalog does cover all of the essentials. They have an extensive line of oils, sprays, flowers, and concentrates. However, you must join their mailing list to see their options.


  • Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff
  • Competitive Prices, Carries Everything You Will Need
  • Long Store Hours Makes It Easy to Drop In Whenever


  • No Inventory Online
  • There Is No About Us or Explanation As to How to Shop


10. Dutch Love


Happy Hour Deals That Will Brighten Your Day!

If you love to pass a dutch full of cannabis, then look no further than Dutch Love. This conveniently-placed dispensary is right in the heart of the shopping district.


However, there are three other Dutch Love dispensaries in Vancouver, including by the airport. So, there’s always an opportunity to get your Dutch Love on in BC!

We love that they have a daily Happy Hour that runs until noon. Every day is a different deal, including discounts on pre-rolls or vapes.

To get the latest deals first, you must join their Breakfast Club. Breakfast Club members get early morning emails and unique discounts that other Happy Hour members don’t get!


  • Best Loyalty Program with Breakfast Club and Happy Hour
  • Great Accessibility
  • Extensive Collection of Herbs and Vapes


  • No Delivery In Vancouver
  • Order Online Options Not Available
  • No Click and Collect


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